ChurpChurp Social Sharing - Share your personal link to be rewarded!

ChurpChurp Social Sharing

Spread the love and share the latest rewards and news to your friends and followers. Pick a campaign you'd like to share on, get your personal link, and share the news on any of your social media platforms. Get rewarded from your total clicks.

Share your personal link to be rewarded!

Yes to

1. Sharing it on your Twitter timeline
2. Sharing it on your Facebook wall.
3. Sharing it on your other social networks such as Friendster, MySpace, forums and other portals.
4. Customising your status on instant messengers such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, etc.
5. Emailing your friends who might be interested

No to

1. SPAM!
2. Sharing it on competing brands' social media platforms.
3. Use automated methods to generate views and clicks.
4. Using misleading messages when sharing
5. Sharing it on the original campaign platforms (such as Facebook fan pages and microsites)
6. Sharing it on ChurpChurp's Facebook Fan page.
7. Use PTC (Pay to Click) sites, link exchangers, other such services, or forming groups for this purpose.

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