Fights breast cancer

Giuliana Rancic fights breast cancer. Follow her lead and get an early mammogram today! See here

Looking fit and having one of the most interesting careers, Giuliana Rancic was all about living a year of fun this 2011. Planning to undergo IVF treatment to conceive a baby, Rancic was determined to have a child with husband, Bill Rancic even through her busy life as the co-host of E! News.

However, all plans came to a standstill this mid-October as Rancic's mammogram test revealed that the 36 year old host was diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer.

At a young age, Rancic was shocked with the life-threatening news and did not expect it coming. Not able to continue with her IVF treatment, Giuliana is still determined to have a full recovery and would still like to be a mother one day. Coming out to the public wasn't easy after receiving the "punch-in-the-stomach", but kudos to her for being a good role-model and encouraging young women all over the world to take up early breast cancer tests.

In fact,
Every 1 out of 19 women is affected by breast cancer in Malaysia.
Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer among women worldwide
Early detection of breast cancer is 98% curable
Chinese women seem to be at greatest risk, following by Indians and Malays
More than 1 MILLION women are afflicted with breast cancer per year

Now that you have the facts, don't be ignorant. Make an appointment for a check up if you are over the age of 30! Check it out the banner below!