Start social networking

Start social networking
Social networking is a resource for individuals to community in specific forums of "like" interests, similar industries, sharing of ideas and tools and networking opportunities. Networking groups meet in person, at an event or seminar, at meetings or in online communities. Online networking social groups are the most publicised way for business owners to community together for an ultimate goal - growth of business.

Many have used tools separate from their website in promoting their business. Some of these tools include blogs, chat forums, established profiles in multiple group websites, video blogs, slide shows and more.

A business owner needs to consider which Social Networking tools to use and which will be most efficient for the growth of their business and advertising of their product or services.

* Be Sure Your Company is Online

Every business should have some sort of "virtual" business card website. A website gives any prospect the ability to view information about your company to research if they want to do business with you.

The minimum amount of information contained in a website should include company branding, list, and description of services, products offered, brief summary of your company in mission statement or history, contact information and should be easy to use.

The site must be easily viewable and navigated.

This is a brief snap shot of what you can offer your target customer and reasons of why your business is the organisation they should select.

* Consider Your Branding

When thinking about how to "Brand" your company, you need to think about how best to display your company image. Your name is important to you, so you should develop a logo, colour scheme and decide how you want it to be presented. Once you have that, you can figure out how you want that image to be displayed in the marketplace. You want your image to be recognisable and unique.

* Choose a Social Networking Site Which is Good for You. Below are examples of some popular social networking sites.

* Facebook: - a connection network where people connect privately, through groups, discussion boards, chat and business forums. Pay options allow you to post ads to specific markets.

* Wordpress: - blog site for individuals or businesses to post updates on activity in their lives or business YouTube: - video blog site for individuals or businesses to post video tutorials, updates or events.

* LinkedIn: - resume/backgrounds for individuals or businesses business contact card site where people can share their contact information and other connections profiles and groups, discussion boards and business forums.

* Twitter: - real time status update forum allowing you to connect to individuals and businesses to post your updates. Companies can use this to post new service offerings and promotions

* Build Your Profile

Walk through the website tutorials provided by the social networking host to build your profile, it will give you tools and tricks to maximize your profile exposure.

* Meet Others

You need to remember, no one will find you unless someone else has done it first, so here are some ideas that can help grow your connection base:

* Invite people you know - import your address book from Outlook or one of your instant messaging accounts

* Join groups where you have interest and that fit the industry and likeness of your companies foundation

* Post discussions in the groups - or Q&A forums - people like to respond to questions and will in turn learn about you and your company

* Be sure the profiles you select have links on your blog website or other pages so that through any medium, someone can see you want to be connected with and are open to network with them

* Update your profile information regularly

* Contact your connection base regularly to see how things are going with them, how business is.