Zaggora Weight Loss CAPRIS FLARES™


CAPRIS FLARES™ three-quarter thighs makes losing weight 4-times faster than with normal training leggings or shorts.
Specially-designed Celu-Lite technology reflects natural heat
Designed to increase perspiration, break down fat cells and detoxify.
Sizes available: S, M, L, XL.
Includes nationwide delivery.
Can be worn anytime as inner-wear, during sleep or workouts.

Designed with Celu-Lite technology, CAPRIS FLARES™ reflects ruthless ultraviolet and increases perspiration and metabolism, promoting deep tissue warming, fat cells break-down and detoxification. Snug thigh tights cover shabby shanks, shedding weight and mass four-times faster in a 30-minute weary workout or munching marathon. Sleek shorts may adorn fat fighters at any time as inner-wear, during sleep or workouts.

Comes with four sizes from small to extra-large, thigh tights combat cellulites while pleased participants return from a two-week weight loss showdown and flaunt lengthy legs.

CAPRIS FLARES™ should be hand washed and not tumble dried. For delivery, warranty, cancellation and other policies, see Zaggora’s terms and conditions.

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I did the two week challenge and omg...I lost 2" on my waist, 1" on my hips and .5cm on my legs...they are awesome. Also my skin got smoother and honestly it makes you drink more...I am so hydrated when wearing those pants...thanks for the invention...need a hotbra and a hot jacket!!!! – Mar 19, 2012.

I've been wearing my long FLARES for just over a week now. I wear them to walk my dog, teach Yoga, BodyPUMP and BodyBALANCE in. So far I have lost 2.5 pounds but am waiting until the end of my 2 weeks to do the measure! The FLARES are really warm on my dog walks and I feel like my legs are really well supported. – Feb 27, 2012.